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The Sohtorik family has been involved in shipping for over six generations as we know it.

The maritime roots go back to the 1800’s where Osman Sohtorik started his business in Rize, located in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

His son, Cafer Sohtorik and then on his grandson, H. Avni Sohtorik (1887-1964),

developed the profession by introducing the firm to open sea trade by gradually building his fleet.

It was then his son, Ali Sohtorik (1912-1981),

who took over and further expanded the family establishment by ensuring its reputation for the next generation.

Soon after his decease, his belated son, H. Semih Sohtorik (1941-2006),

established his own company known today as SEMIH SOHTORIK MANAGEMENT & AGENCY INC. 

and quickly turned the business into a global maritime player.

His son, Emir Sohtorik (1982- ),

took an executive role within the firm and is acting as Chairman of the group ever since,

honoring the family legacy with the sole aim of rising it.

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